Winter is one of the harshest seasons in the year. During this season, snow hinders road travel and makes navigating through the roads with a trailer can very difficult. This is because your trucks are usually on the roads for more than ten hours and you have to ensure that you do not get stuck so that your fleet gets to its destination on time. There are precautions that you can make so that you are able to stay on the road longer and keep business consistent.

Winterization tips for the driver

  1.    As a driver, you should ensure that you practice good driving habits. Do not speed but rather drive with caution as the weather may result in you not seeing obstacles on the road.
  2.    Make sure that you stay warm. You can do this by wearing warm clothes and also having a heater in the vehicle. This will help you keep parts of the truck warm that have too much cold airflow or drafts.
  3.    Ensure that you have water and food supply. The water that you carry should be enough to last you in case you get stuck on the road. Also, ensure that the packed food can stay out for extended periods of time without getting spoiled.
  4.    Make sure that you also use your seat belt at all times. The harsh conditions and slippery roads may cause the vehicle to skid unexpectedly. Having a seat belt fastened will make sure you don’t get seriously injured if you are jarred.

Winterization tips for your vehicle

  1.    Make sure that the tires of your vehicle are good. Make sure that the traction is effective as worn out tires may cause fatal accidents due to hazardous roads.
  2.    Ensure that your battery is well charged. You can do this by purchasing a mobile charging unit/jumper box.  This is a great way to get the truck started in a bind. You can also maintain the duration of your battery life by not allowing the engine to run when the truck is not moving but instead get a heater for warmth.
  3.    Make sure that the windows are clean. Thoroughly wipe the windshield before getting on the road and make sure that you have windshield wipers that assist and clean the windshield while driving in winter conditions. This will ensure that you maintain maximum visibility on the road all the time.
  4.    Shift from fuels that you use during warm temperatures and switch to winterized fuels instead. These are fuels that are capable of functioning during low and freezing temperatures as they keep the engine running at the same power as warmer temperature fuels do. You can either purchase fuel that is particularly modified for winter or you can treat the fuel that you have and make it highly resistant to low temperatures.

Winter is a season that requires truck dependent businesses to carry out extra maintenance for their fleets. The driver must practice cold weather driving tactics that will ensure that he or she does not get into any unwanted situations or accidents when driving. With a good vehicle and a good driver, it is possible to counteract the harsh winter season.


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