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Reducing Idle Time Increases Fuel Economy

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When a truck is stopped idling it actually burns through about a gallon per hour, decreasing overall fuel economy by 1%. Idle fuel consumption increases quite a bit with engine speed, so fleets should implement practices to select lowest possible idle speed.

Controlling Idle Time

Many states and municipalities have adopted strict no-idle legislation to reduce overall emission levels. The technology needed to maintain these rules offer the added benefit of increased fuel economy while still maintaining driver comfort.

Auxiliary Heater

This feature leverages a smaller, diesel-powered motor to provide heat to the cab, sleeper and engine block, using only a fraction of the fuel that would be used by idling the truck’s primary engine.

Battery Powered HVAC System

This system produces 17,000 BTU of heat and 6,000 BTU of air and can maintain a comfortable cab for the driver in temperature ranges between zero and 100 degrees. This system is powered by eight AGM batteries which support faster recharge rates and higher discharge capacity vs. deep-cycle batteries.

Battery Management Systems

The auto stop/start battery management system, available in sleeper configurations, is a good solution for those who need no-idle load management to prevent any dead battery occurrences. It works with the battery powered HVAC system and will automatically start the engine with a low battery or if the engine is too cold.

Idle Shutdown Timer

This limits the amount of engine idle time by automatically shutting down the engine after approximately 3 to 5 minutes. This feature will shut down the engine, but the vehicle electrical system and accessories will stay active until the key switch is turned off. When engine operation is needed again, drivers simply depress the clutch and turn the ignition to start as normal.

Unnecessary idling is an unnecessary profit loss. A truck idling can burn through a gallon of fuel per hour and for fleet owners, this certainly adds up.


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